Selasa, 25 November 2014

Excel Shortcut Key

Berikut ini adalah daftar shortcut key di excel yang akan berguna untuk mempercepat proses pekerjaan

1. format selected object, press ctrl+1
2. insert current date, press ctrl+;
3. insert current time, press ctrl+shift+;
4. repeat last action, press F4
5. edit a cell comment, press shift + F2
6. autosum selected cells, press alt + =
7. see the suggest drop-down in a cell, press alt + down arrow
8. enter multiple lines in a cell, press alt+enter
9. insert a new sheet, press shift + F11
10. edit active cell, press F2 (places cursor in the end)
11. hide current row, press ctrl+9
12. hide current column, press ctrl+0
13. unhide rows in selected range, press ctrl+shift+9
14. unhide columns in selected range, press ctrl+shift+0
15. recalculate formulas, press F9
16. select data in current region, press ctrl+shift+8
17. see formulas in the worksheet, press ctrl+shift+` (ctrl+~)
18. editing formulas to change the reference type from absolute to relative vice versa, press F4
19. format a number as currency, press ctrl+shift+4 (ctrl+$)
20. apply outline border around selected cells, press ctrl+shift+7
21. open the macros dialog box, press alt+F8
22. copy value from above cell, press ctrl+’
23. format current cell with comma formats, press ctrl+shift+1
24. go to the next worksheet, press ctrl+shift+pg down
25. go to the previous worksheet, press ctrl+shift+pg up

Semoga membantu